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It is about the possible abuses of power in the police force and is a study of power and its potential to corrupt. There is also another occurrence when Borderland tells Webber he found a corpse in a river. He deals with these themes and issues through the eyes of a naive new Probationary Constable, Len Webber, as he battles with his conscience against right and wrong.

For the TV series see Western Animation above. Many times it is shown that officers avoid crime because of the work involved. He would've forgone medication too for his manic depression if he had to do it all over again and got rid of the drugs, and even the alcohol, as he drank quite heavily.

Act One of Scales Of Justice is a study of the limits of integrity.

Scales of Justice

He sends his love to Erin, who knows his communication is authentic, he has sent her signs and is sorry she bore witness to his behavior the night after the INXS concert when Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed had died, he was in a very bad place that particular night.

Real Life Lady Justice who is heavily based off of Justitia has them. A scale is seen in the background of the courtroom. References Scales of Justice - The title of this episode relates to fairness in the judicial process.

But he does not come through with words, information or messages for fans. He does not leave general messages anywhere for so-called mediums. A series based on actual criminal cases that was named after the Trope Namer. He accepts commissions from funeral parlours, deals in stolen goods and takes advantage of the position he is.

Funny enough a smaller statue of her is seen in one of her scales with the other being tipped over with a bag of money showing corruption. Later on in the show we see Webber pull up in a brand new sports car.

In the Police Force sexism is a huge issue. The composer has used Webber as a means of contrast between the attitudes of the contemporary police force with that of the older police force. An example of this happening is when Webber is not even on duty but on his way to work wearing his police uniform.

Years back, he gave some communication to a psychic called Kat Tucci in the state of Texas which had much to do with some of his personal friends on earth. She's also legally blind This oath is broken many times which is demonstrated when Caldwell portrays the continuous act of corruption within the workforce while Recourse and Borderland teach Webber the tips and tricks of how to make life easier as a police officer.

The title of this episode is subtle reference to the fact that fish have scales. The image of the Balance crops up all through Hexwoodas the sign of the House of Balance, the corporation that rules the Galaxy - though it should be a little worrying that it's always shown with its pans not balanced at all It shows the extent to which the Australian system of criminal justice conforms to our liberal democratic views of fairness, openness, accountability and efficiency.

Lady Justice appears with her scales Pin Up style. Name of play and what he explores in text- Corruption, racism, avoidance of crime Restate question in your own words Brief comment- Sees through eyes of naive Len Webber Words I need to remember; Bad habits Unlawful Portrays Morals and values Sexual misconduct Prevalent issues Naive Criminality Paragraph 1: His 20th anniversary tour with INXS was going to be his last one with them, he was leaving to pursue a solo career and acting.

This important issue that Caldwell explores in the text highlights how lazy the NSA Police force is and how they will take shortcuts anytime they are able to.

Otherwise you would not be aware of whom he is with, but he wishes to become a great spiritual teacher on the other side, so he aspires to this and works on it relentlessly. A giant set of Scales of Justice appear in the Dimension of Death. In Introduction- Key Points: He lost touch of himself.

A pair of scales fuzed to a sword is apparently the symbol of the Seers' Village Courthouse. Make room for one more: The theory of his death of auto-erotic asphyxiation was started by a member of the press who didn't like him and furthered by Paula Yates who refused to believe Michael would do such a thing though he without a doubt, almost committed suicide impulsively many years earlier.

The Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen is a fountain that has a statue of Lady Justice complete with her scales. The issue of abuse of power and corruption is also shown with the politics of law enforcement.

Scales of justice

He then dumped it back into the river because it would have been too much of a hassle dealing with it and instead makes the water police handle the situation. In scales of Justice ‘The Job’, Constable Len Webber is new to the police Force.

Sergeant Recourse and Constable Borderland take him under their wing, teaching bad. Sisterhood Series: Some covers of Lethal Justice have Lady Justice holding scales in the middle of the cover. In the The War Gods series by David Weber, Tomanak is the God of War and Justice, and is frequently referred to as "Scale Balancer" in his latter role.

In Scales of Justice it is shown that there is a certain hierarchy and those in higher positions often dominate and control those in positions that are below them. A classic example of this is Sergeant O'Rourke and Probationary Constable Webber. Find great deals on eBay for Scales of Justice in Decorative Collectibles.

Shop with confidence. ; iStock; Legal office of lawyers, justice and law concept: Wooden judge gavel or a wood hammer and a soundboard used by a judge person on a desk in a courtroom with a blurred brass scale of justice behind.

Product Features The Scales of Justice has been the symbol of equality for ages.

Scales of justice scenes webber
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