Business plan wood pellets production equipment

Only several tens of square meter is enough. General Settings on the Project Table 3. Brochures and other sales literature will be produced to showcase the facility, pricing, and operations of the business when seeking to develop new ongoing purchase order relationships.

You should provide as much information as possible about your pricing as possible in this section. But, a pellet plant business plan is more than the purchase of the pellet plant machinery.

Marketing research on the basic countries consumers and producers of wood pellets in Europe is done.

Wood pellets production project summary and business plan

Find out who your competitors are by searching online directories and searching in your local Yellow Pages. So in the marketing plan, you must talk about the pricing of the wood pellet.

The rest will be provided by timber industry enterprises and commercial firms. The source of raw materials has been studied and covered profoundly.

commercial wood pellet manufacturing equipment for sale

As of today the average price on wood pellets on the Ukrainian market EUR 80 - while the prices on this product in the countries of European Union vary from EUR to for a ton. As a result, the wood sawdust shall be dried.

However, based on market research, there are approximately companies that specialize in the retail distribution of wood pellets for both animal bedding and fuel purposesand the Company will be able to develop a number of ongoing purchase order relationships with wood pellet distributors throughout the entire United States.

Business-plan of organizing the production of fuel straw pellets

For your specific raw wood material, GEMCO will choose the most suitable equipment for you, and the pellet manufacturing equipment will has the best compression ratio which determines the quality of your wood pellets for your raw material.

If you are familiar with the wood pellet manufacture industry, you can write the business plan all by yourself. Production Process of the Pellet Equipment Unit The following photos show an example of small pellet plant for your reference.

And then, make sure what kinds of pellet plant jobs you need, and how many staffs you need on each job. Taking into account these factors our company is going to take the following policy of pricing.

Crushing, Drying, Pelletizing and Cooling This unit is a kind of small scale pellet plant which includes crushing machine, conveyors, drying machine, pellet machine and pellets cooler.

For small pellet production plan, you can drop some kind of process equipment to save money. This section of the business plan should not span more than 1 page.

The net profit and return on sales for the Project Figure Besides, the equipoment color can also customized if you need.

For small scale pellets making such as making pellets at home or on farm, you can choose mini or small pellet mill or PTO pellet mill to decrease your budget.

The wood pellet products manufactured by the Company are in demand on a year round basis among people that have animal bedding requirements, and in cold temperatures — fuel for wood pellet burning furnaces.

It contains many different parts which should be known only by the pellet plant owners, especially the cost of building a complete pellet plant. Flow chart of complete wood pellet plant: So there is no need of drying machine. One of the most important elements to earn the customers is the price.

Only several tens of square meter is enough. To have an efficient management team is one of the key elements that can achieve the final success of the wood pellet plant.

Business plan

Financial schedule of the project Table 8. The total area of state forest resources - ,5 thousand hectare, including thousand hectare covered with forest. The meltdown of the sub prime mortgage market coupled with increasing gas prices has led many people to believe that the US is on the cusp of a double dip economic recession.

Sensitivity to changes in the cost of the project Table Implementation Schedule and financing of the Project Figure 3.

We have preliminary agreements on fast realization of the project and obtaining licences on wood pellets production installation, production and product standardization.

In the executive summary, all the information are just general information. Despite the debt funds, the summary must contain the investor equity, management equity which will help you explore the investment from a third party.

Fuel Pellet Machinery. Function: Fuel pellet machinery is also named as biomass or wood pellet machine. It is designed to make biofuel / biomass fuel pellets for burning. Suitable Raw Materials: It can process various kinds of biomass raw materials such as wood, sawdust, straw, rice husk, bamboo sawdust, peanut shell, bagasse and alfalfa, etc.

If you are not sure how your materials perform in. Mostly an integral wood pellet plant is composed of wood chipper/skiving machine, hammer mill, conveyor, dryer, cooler, wood pellet machine and package machine.

In fact, except the main pelletizing machine, not all other auxiliary equipment is essential for a pellet plant. Wood pellet plant cost study for the forests of North Eastern Ontario August 26, – The wood pellet production process and key risks 3. Fibresupply out a detailed business plan for a specific proposed pellet plant or group of pellet plants.

This project provides a plant for the production of pellets in the Chernigov region of Ukraine (in the business plan is not binding to a particular place).

To help standardize pellet production across the industry in the U.S. and adhere to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wood-burning emissions requirements, the Pellet Fuels Institute (PFI) developed standards for pellet fuel producers.

Free Wood Pellet Manufacturer Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the financials in this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and may not match the text of the business plan below.

Business plan wood pellets production equipment
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Straw pellets production business plan